REVIEW | HUEZ* Colour Bleed Jersey and Starman Bib Shorts

REVIEW | HUEZ* Colour Bleed Jersey and Starman Bib Shorts

When Technology Met Fashion

We took the latest HUEZ* Colour Bleed Jersey and Starman Bib Shorts out to our local clubbie and through the foothills of Brisbane. This is what we thought....


HUEZ* are focussed on technical fabrics and design. They do things differently and it shows as soon as you put their stuff on. 

The fabric is the first thing that stands out. It looks pro and feels pro. 

Compared to a woven jersey, the fabric has some generous stretch allowing it to fit a wider variety of body shapes.

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HUEZ colour bleed side view



The one thing that we really appreciated in the design was the honest sizing and longer jersey length. Although it’s very much a race cut, it doesn’t mean you have squeeze yourself into it by any means. The medium size jersey compares the the same medium size that you would typically fit in your other life. While the fabric has enough stretch in it that it’s quite forgiving. But you wouldn’t want to push the love too much as it quickly becomes transparent.

I’m not a tall guy by any means but I often find other medium jerseys too short in the length. I hate the awkward bit of belly hanging out the bottom so I was pretty happy to find the HUEZ* jersey overall cut to offer a generous length for both the torso and arms. The grips on the sleeves are slightly longer than standard so it stays put and stretches the sleeves in a more fitted way around your arms.

HUEZ* fabric is a standout for the brand. The colour bleed jersey is smooth and stretchy and snug body hugging fit blocking the wind nicely in cooler temps.


This jersey feels like it’s made for racing so although you could fill the pockets with what everything you need for a few hours in the saddle, we’d recommend against it. The ultra light fabric lacks reinforcing so you’ll have your gear bulging and bouncing around the whole ride. 

The HUEZ* colour bleed jersey comes in Klein Blue (pictured) and Pea.

huez colour bleed back view

Wear it for : Racing and any riding that you can travel light. Or if you just want to look pro at the coffee shop.

We love it because: Smooth stretch fabric that fits great

HUEZ colour bleed jersey

Starman Bib Shorts 


One of the first things that stood out was the extra wide leg band. Although it required some patience / practice getting them on, it resulted in them hardly moving the whole ride. The design actually makes more sense than your standard thing grip band at the bottom of most bibs.

The bibs are held up by a thin strip which is quite different from your standard thicker strip. So far I've had no problems with it feeling like they might snap. I guess the benefit is that it is more comfortable and also doesn't show up through their jerseys. It makes sense when you see it but makes you wonder why more bibs aren't like this.

Starman bib shorts


Even though these bibs look and feel good, the stand out performer was the chamois. When you see the type of thinking and technology that HUEZ use in their designs it makes sense that their chamois will be great. It doesn't look much different the comfort is certainly not worthy.


It’s evident that HUEZ* put a lot of attention into the style and performance of all their gear and that technology is at the forefront of their mind. Certainly on the pricier side for a kit but you can tell that they invest in their development.

huez colour bleed side view

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